megan & nathan

beano's cabin

megan & nathan

beano's cabin

Megan and Nathan, discovered through The Knot from their home in Atlanta, embark on a breathtaking wedding adventure at Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek. Enveloped in a tasteful and romantic atmosphere, the celebration is adorned with vibrant wildflowers, encapsulating a timeless, colorful romance. Pops of bright pink, green, citron, and light blue adorn the surroundings, infusing the venue with a lively, preppy charm against the serene mountain backdrop.

Exuding a blend of preppy, glamorous, and outdoorsy vibes, the decor mirrors the couple's personalities, emphasizing a celebration that marries sophistication with natural charm. Amidst the fragrant wildflowers, Megan and Nathan's wedding promises a harmonious union of elegance and the untamed beauty of Beaver Creek, a joyous testament to their love amidst the Colorado mountains.

Megan & Nathan
Beano's Cabin
Beaver Creek, Colorado


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- Megan

"Aspen & Ivy cares about YOUR vision. Some of the wedding planners I interviewed, they have a curated Instagram look and I was worried that they would prioritize their curated style into my wedding. I think with Aspen & Ivy, they will give you what you want. Whether that is super trendy, super traditional or an out-there themed wedding, she will prioritize your vision above all else. And I felt this support for my vision the whole time I worked with her."

our wildflower wedding was executed flawlessly

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