samantha & Jeroen

camp hale

samantha & Jeroen

camp hale

Samantha and Jeroen, with roots in Ohio and Belgium, sought the Colorado wilderness for their secluded wedding at Camp Hale. Envisioning coral, blush, and tangerine hues, the celebration focused on Colorado's beauty, set against a picturesque outdoor ceremony embraced by nature's splendor.

Their European-inspired, unhurried five-course dinner mirrored Jeroen's roots, creating a leisurely and elegant dining experience. The relaxed yet intimate reception venue exuded rustic charm, balancing elegance with a natural setting.

With a fervent desire for a fun-filled party, the evening offered delectable food, abundant libations, and a lively dance floor. Emphasizing the essence of savoring the moment, Samantha and Jeroen aimed for an event that allowed them to relish their wedding day without haste, ensuring a Camp Hale wedding celebration that was not just joyous but thoroughly enjoyed in each blissful moment.

Samantha & Jeroen
Camp Hale
Leadville, Colorado


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- samantha

"Aspen & Ivy cares about YOUR vision. Some of the wedding planners I interviewed, they have a curated Instagram look and I was worried that they would prioritize their curated style into my wedding. I think with Aspen & Ivy, they will give you what you want. Whether that is super trendy, super traditional or an out-there themed wedding, she will prioritize your vision above all else. And I felt this support for my vision the whole time I worked with her."

I felt support for my vision the whole time

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