jen & john

devils thumb ranch

jen & john

devils thumb ranch

At Devil's Thumb Ranch, amidst the rustic elegance of the Rockies, a transcendent union unfolds—a wedding uniting a Korean bride and groom. Mauve and lavender hues cascade throughout the ceremony, painting the landscape with an ethereal charm. The bride, in a traditional hanbok with delicate mauve accents, exudes grace and heritage. Meanwhile, the groom, adorned in a sleek modern hanbok, resonates with quiet sophistication.

The venue, adorned with lavender blooms and mauve accents, creates an ambiance of serenity and romance. As the couple exchanges vows, traditional Korean rituals intertwine seamlessly with contemporary celebrations, reflecting a harmonious blend of past and present.

Families and friends witness the love story unfold in this picturesque setting, a perfect fusion of culture and natural beauty—a celebration transcending boundaries and embracing timeless love.

Jen & John
Devils Thumb Ranch
Tabernash, Colorado


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- jen

"Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same nor the wedding of our dreams without our planner and the Aspen & Ivy team. We went from venue searching in Colorado to the big day in 7 months and the team at Aspen and Ivy helped make it happen. Our lead planner was knowledgeable, connected and calm. In the end, our wildflower wedding was executed flawlessly and it was the best day of our lives."

they handled it with ease, style, and grace

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