marissa & bart

the manor house

marissa & bart

the manor house

Amidst the serene winter wonderland, Marissa and Bart's love story unfolds at the breathtaking Manor House. This elegant celebration encapsulates timeless beauty with a modern twist. Adorned in a classic palette of black and white, the decor exudes sophistication, accompanied by the warm glow of countless candles casting a romantic aura throughout the venue.

Balancing classic elegance with modern flair, the addition of sleek acrylic touches adds a contemporary edge, creating a harmonious blend of the traditional and the new. As snowflakes dance outside, inside, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that radiates grace and refinement. The air is filled with the spirit of enduring love and celebration, a testament to the couple's timeless bond, marking a truly unforgettable winter wedding at the heart of the Manor House.

Marissa & Bart
The Manor House
Littleton, Colorado


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- Bart

"Aspen & Ivy were absolutely fantastic and my wife and I are so happy we hired her to help with our special day! We brought them in as a day of coordinator and they really helped reduce the stress and coordination of working with all of our vendors and provided a single point of contact for us. If there is anything you’re debating making an investment in for your wedding day, Their services as a wedding coordinator are 100% worth it! We were so thankful to work with Aspen & Ivy and highly recommend them "

They really helped with the coordination of  all our vendors

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