lauren & conor

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lauren & conor

park hyatt

At the sophisticated Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Lauren and Conor's wedding unfolds in an ambiance of simple elegance amidst the mountainous landscape. The venue is adorned with an abundance of flowers, creating an atmosphere of tasteful opulence. While nestled in the mountains, the decor reflects a refined sophistication, steering away from a rustic aesthetic.

In a thoughtful and stylish addition, light-up neon signs in white, bearing the name "The Ryans," add a touch of modern charm. The ambiance is elevated further by the unique incorporation of these signs, contributing to the couple's distinctive celebration. Embracing a contemporary design, a single long table graces the bridal party, fostering intimacy and togetherness, symbolizing the union of two families. Lauren and Conor's wedding is a fusion of understated elegance and modern charm, a celebration reflecting their unique style amidst the mountainous grandeur of Beaver Creek.

Lauren & Conor
Park Hyatt
Beaver Creek, Colorado


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- lauren

"I wasn't sure I needed a planner. A few weeks in, I decided to go for it. Looking back, I wish I did it at the very beginning. Aspen & Ivy made my wedding planning experience a breeze. I got to be involved in all the fun parts of wedding planning, and she got to take care of all the not so fun parts. The experience our lead planner brought with her, took so much stress out of choosing vendors and getting quotes for each. She was easy to get in touch with and super helpful with just about everything."

The experience aspen & ivy brought with them took so much stress out of choosing vendors

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