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Nestled along the stunning Riviera Maya in Mexico, Kelsey and Chad's love blossoms in the embrace of the TRS Yucatan. A breathtaking scene unfolds as the ceremony takes place on the pristine, sun-kissed beach, the azure waves providing a captivating backdrop for their vows. Surrounded by 75 of their dearest friends and family, the destination wedding in Mexico becomes a joyous celebration of love and unity.

The air is filled with the warmth of the sun and the spirit of merriment as the couple begins their journey amidst the beauty of the Caribbean coastline. The laughter and shared moments mark a truly unforgettable occasion, where the couple and their guests create cherished memories against the backdrop of white sands and crystal-clear waters—a testament to love, companionship, and the enchanting allure of the TRS Yucatan in Riviera Maya.

Kelsey & Chad
TRS Yucatan
Riviera Maya, Mexico


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"We worked with Aspen &Ivy  to coordinate travel for 70+ guests to our destination wedding in Mexico. I honestly cannot imagine how miserable and stressful wedding planning would have been without them. The whole thing was a seamless dream. Weddings are supposed to be enjoyable and I cannot imagine how I would have enjoyed my wedding without her help. Having an experienced wedding planner made a huge difference in our overall experience and I would 10/10 do it again."

If you're on the fence about hiring Aspen & Ivy, this is your sign to do it. 

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