Show Your Appreciation: A Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Planning a wedding is an extensive and lengthy process for couples and their vendors. After the floral meetings, phone calls to finalize catering menu, and hours of preparation to set up the venue and decor, many couples feel compelled to tip their vendors as a thank you! But how much should you give? Who do you give it to? And when? We’re here to provide all the answers for you!

A quick note before we get started: with the exception of a few vendors, tipping is not required or expected. However, it is always appreciated and is one way of showing gratitude for the hard work a vendor has put into your wedding! We’ll discuss other ways you can thank your vendors apart from tips at the end of this blog post.

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Tips That Are Expected

Hair and Makeup Artists

As with going to the hair salon, it’s customary to leave a 15 – 20% tip based on the total cost of services they provide. 


If you have a non-denominational officiant, it’s typical to tip between $50 and $100. Most clergy will ask for a suggested donation, which is usually donated to the house of worship and can range from $150 and up. Judges and clerks may not be allowed to accept gratuity.

Limousine Drivers

If you hire any limousine or private drivers, it’s customary to tip them 15 – 20% of the total cost of service.

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Tips That Are Based on Your Contracts


Most catering companies will include a tip in their contract, but if they don’t, it’s common to leave a gratuity of 15 – 20% of the food bill. While reviewing your contract you may see an administrative fee, but this is separate from a tip.



If your bartender’s fee does not include a tip, plan on giving 18% of the total liquor bill. If there is a tip jar present at your wedding, you can deduct the amount of already received cash tips.

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Tips That Are Optional

Ceremony Musicians

If you have any live ceremony musicians and would like to tip them, a tip of  $15 – $25 per musician is appropriate.


DJ or Reception Musicians

Gratuity for these vendors is at your discretion and can change based on the level of service received. When working with a DJ, a gratuity of $100 to $250 is suggested. If you hire a reception band, a tip of $50 per musician is suggested.


Photographers and Videographers

Photographers and videographers don’t expect anything beyond their normal fee, but if you would like to provide a tip, an average gratuity of $150 to $350 is common.

Wedding Planners and Day-Of Coordinators

For wedding planners and day-of coordinators, it’s suggested to tip 5 – 15% of the cost of their services, depending on the level of assistance provided and your satisfaction with their work.

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When to Tip

If you choose to give a gratuity to any of these vendors, you will want to do so at the time of service or give tips to your wedding planner to disperse appropriately. However, for any professional providing a product, such as a wedding album or video, tips may be given after you have received the product.

You may also choose to send a card in the mail with any gratuities. Usually, cash is preferred, but if you would like to write a check, remember to write it to the individual person and not the company name.

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Other Forms of Gratitude

Tipping is not the only way to show appreciation for your wedding vendors! For many vendors, a review on Google or the Knot is incredibly valuable. If you’re wanting to leave a review for a vendor, ask them which platforms would be the most helpful. Vendors also appreciate photos of their work! Share photos taken by your photographer that your vendors can use on their websites and social media pages. 

At the end of the day, every wedding vendor’s goal is to ensure that you have an amazing and memorable wedding day so they will appreciate any way you choose to thank them!

We hope this information was helpful to you! You can find more wedding planning tips and inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest. And if you’re interested in learning more about our wedding planning packages, fill out our contact form today!

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